Nepal 2022

After having been delayed by the COVID pandemic, we could finally go to Nepal, visiting the Dolpo region. A dream we already had for a long time, now came true.


We had visited the Himalayas in 2015 around Ladakh (India) and had almost forgotten how impressive they are. In Nepal the mountains are even higher making it a spectacular experience to hiking them again. Even if you do not climb the Mount Everest the views are simply stunning. We have been hiking at around 3000-4000 meters with often views of the high 8000 meters mountains in the distance such as the Dhaulagiri range. The climate is very mountain-like: during the day it can be hot but as soon as the sun sets it gets chilly. So having good clothes and a warm sleeping bag is no luxury.

Barley fields (after the harvest) near Mukotgoan (4000m) near the Dhaulagiri massif (>7000m)

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